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How Can I Get Credit

To obtain credit, you first need to establish your credit. Most people have no clue what their credit score is, or even what their credit is because they never take the time to check their credit. By including yourself on your applications, you instantly establish a solid credit foundation and a good credit score.

Things you should do before starting

One part of establishing credit is disputing enormous items on your credit report. One way to dispute items is to send a dispute letter to all three credit bureaus. An item must be disputed at all three bureaus because the three bureaus don’t share information, and each may report different information on you. When you send a letter to the credit bureaus, you will be asking them to confirm the items with the source who is providing them with the information.

The easiest way to do this is to send your dispute letter via the Internet. There are many approved websites to send dispute letters online, and many websites who will immediately reply to you in response to your dispute. This is the easiest and fastest way to dispute information.

When you send in a dispute letter to the credit bureaus, they will usually visit the lender or source of the information and confirm the information. If the information cannot be verified, then it needs to be removed from your credit report. One way for you to get an item removed is if the creditor who is reporting the information will also verify the information as being correct.

Another way for you to get negative items removed is if the creditor who is reporting the information is a debt collection agency, or if the creditor has just reported a delinquent account and has not followed through on the report. After you get these items removed, you can see your credit score increase.

Below are steps to help you study your credit report and learn how to deal with any errors that may be showing up on your report.

  1. Start by looking over your credit report from all three credit bureaus (Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian).
  2. Write a letter in clear and simple language disputing the item(s) in question, in the order requested. Include all the requested information and contact information for your information and proof. This will help the credit bureaus if you have to dispute more than one item at a time.
  3. All credit bureaus have online dispute services. You can use the online service to e-file your dispute, which increases your odds of the credit bureaus seeing your dispute as valid. If you need to dispute more than one item through the online service, then you can file every month until you have your final response.
  4. The credit bureaus have thirty days to get back to you. To get a real update, you should expect to receive a written report from the credit bureaus telling you how it went. If it didn’t go your way, you can then file another dispute with an updated letter until next time.

Disputing wrong items, verifying a wrong item, and getting the credit bureaus to remove wrong items are all things you can do to improve your credit score.

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