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Do You Need a Master’s in Finance

There is a lot of hype surrounding the rise in popularity of the graduate degree in finance and the possibility of securing a high paying job after finishing one. Is it better to get a highly paid job immediately after graduating then find a job in a local bank?

Why you need a finance expert

At first glance, this might seem like a logical answer. After all, it is a well-known fact that the quality of life is generally higher when one has a good-paying job and is better able to meet their long term financial obligations. So, if that was true, then why wouldn’t more people get established after graduating?

Well, here is some great news for you, a large factor in why people do not typically get their first job right out of school is because of a lack of preparation and not so much a lack of skills as a reaction to stress. This is not to say that those who get jobs straight after graduating are always not the most talented, bright, or dedicated to their work, but the fact is that most people who earn their way to the top have put in the effort in terms of finding the right jobs, and doing the necessary research to secure these positions.

In addition to preparation, a well-prepared graduate knows the best ways to market themselves in a competitive marketplace. A person who prepares themselves while staying on top of their game will be Days porn prevent, meaning that they will be ready to have the same fame, recognition, and monetary compensation as any highly paid movie star or country rock star.

In truth, it has been said that it is not smart to go into any sort of profession or seek a job with no experience because you will not be ready to stand up for your ideas. As a result, those who get careers immediately after graduating will almost always make more money than those who accept the services of mentors/advisors right out of school.

What does this have to do with the money?

The fact is that anyone who expects to get a top paying job right out of school simply does not need an advanced degree. What they do need are marketable skills and education and the initiative to learn them.

For example, we have an incredible shortage of elementary school teachers in some areas, and it has been nearly impossible to qualify those who have a 4.0 GED. There is an equal lack of mentors in this field. A mentor in mathematics would be invaluable in helping a student learn basic mathematical skills, but how is a college student suppose to approach that subject!

Others who have studied business and sought out a mentor in this field will have a plethora of ideas, but few who have the ultimate knack for delivering results in a very competitive marketplace. In truth, this type of knowledge and skill is what you need to not only get a job but make a living and sustain a profitable career.

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