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Ways to Make a Positive Change in Spending and Recession

Can anything be done to turn upside down the economic situation? It is near impossible to find a real answer to this question, and if you read the newspaper or surf the web without any awareness, you will be reading facts and wrong conclusions like. People with money are making more and more buys using […]

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Do You Need a Master’s in Finance

There is a lot of hype surrounding the rise in popularity of the graduate degree in finance and the possibility of securing a high paying job after finishing one. Is it better to get a highly paid job immediately after graduating then find a job in a local bank? Why you need a finance expert […]

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When is a Need For Financial Assistance

Let us face it. Times have certainly changed in the last couple of years. We now have a plethora of debtors in the world with a lot of people desperately looking at their financial situation in an imperative manner. They have all been hit by higher interests for credit cards and mortgages. In times past, […]

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Why Online Buyers Need Credit Checks

Major national retailers online like Amazon and eBay have started to consider credit checks before confirming an account or shipping products. This practice is just being understood by a small number of online buyers. This method is being included in the policies of both Amazon and eBay to track sales and keep sellers within the […]

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So You’ve Won The Lottery

It’s been a few weeks, and you still have not won the lottery. You keep checking the bills, thinking, Oh, it’ll eventually come to check, checking, and paying, but it just never seems to happen. Do you think Dave Ramsey has ever won the lottery? I think so! He didn’t spend $5,000 of other people’s […]

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Your Cash Flow — Secret or Hard Copy

You’ve been keeping track of your money, your spending, and your savings. It’s not the best method, but it could be the only way for you to finally realize the full truth about your finances. One way to bring awareness to your cash flow situation is to look at yourself and honestly make a list […]

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How An Offshore Bank Can Help Your Estate Planning

If you have been thinking about how to set up what is called an “offshore” or international bank account and are uncertain about the legal and tax implications of doing so, then read on. A legal and secure offshore banking solution can come as a major relief to your estate planning. Many people, especially those […]

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How to Make Your Money Stick

Important note: the Turtles were not traders but they did Characterize how trades were to be made, build and demo a system, real live trades, and did not take trading as a business. This is important to understand, as many books on trading being written today talk as if they sweeping statements. Individual approach to […]

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How Can I Get Credit

To obtain credit, you first need to establish your credit. Most people have no clue what their credit score is, or even what their credit is because they never take the time to check their credit. By including yourself on your applications, you instantly establish a solid credit foundation and a good credit score. Things […]

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