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How to Make Your Money Stick

Important note: the Turtles were not traders but they did Characterize how trades were to be made, build and demo a system, real live trades, and did not take trading as a business. This is important to understand, as many books on trading being written today talk as if they sweeping statements. Individual approach to […]

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Get Out of Loan Delinquency by Refinancing Your Loans

If you are one of the thousands of Americans who are delinquents, then you might find relief by refinancing your loans. Any unpaid loans will bear Corrective Fees, which is the late-paying fee as well as the increased interest charge for this. In certain scenarios, you could end up having to pay both of these […]

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It’s About Time — Forex Trading, or Something Else

If there’s one word that sums up the flavors in trading, it would have to be, “Futures Trading”. This activity is much safer than trading stocks, as the futures market. Although, trading futures can only yield a return of maybe 7 percent a year (compounded quarterly) nevertheless successful futures traders can graciously show an annual […]

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How Do Credit Card Companies Make Their Money

Financial institutions make their profits in three ways. The largest is by charging the merchant a fee for supplying the cards, and the second is by the interest they charge on your balance. The third is by charging you a fee every time you transfer a balance from another credit card company to a new […]

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How Can I Get Credit

To obtain credit, you first need to establish your credit. Most people have no clue what their credit score is, or even what their credit is because they never take the time to check their credit. By including yourself on your applications, you instantly establish a solid credit foundation and a good credit score. Things […]

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Indoor Trading With Forex Megadroid

The big news, unlike the big news, and the big news is that the Forex Megadroid is finally, after many years of development, available. The release of the robot comes about after much-anticipated hype among the Forex market. Prior robots were never released online before, and certainly, they didn’t sit up there in a vacuum. […]

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Uncertainties About the Punch Pirates

The figure of 100 million unemployed people in America today is daunting but, not because it is all the fault of the unemployed. The unemployment rate is at the lowest number since Barack Obama became the president. Unemployment is at 9.8 percent, and that means that an additional 1.4 million people have given up looking […]

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Tips for Purchasing Your First Home

When you’re looking to buy your first home, one of the most important things to consider is the property market and local housing prices. You need to find a house that is just right for what you need. Housing prices for new purchases and rental properties tend to fluctuate depending on the area, the population […]

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Financial Planning — Investment Accounts

Financial planning is an important part of your overall wealth-building plan. An investment account is part of your financial plan and should be treated as such. As an account, the investment account has the same capabilities and face value as any other deposit instrument. However, this type of account functions differently and should be treated […]

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